Hacked WordPress Website?

A hacked website is bad for business. It can damage your brand's reputation, hurt your search engine rankings, and even lead to lawsuits if sensitive customer data is compromised.

We can help.

Hacked WordPress Website

How do WordPress websites get hacked?

WordPress websites make up over a quarter (25%) of the entire Internet!  Due to its popularity, WordPress websites are easily targeted by hackers using automated attacks.

A hacked WordPress website is bad for business. A hacked WordPress website can tank your Google rankings. A hacked WordPress website can get your customers data stolen.

Securing a WordPress website before it’s compromised is actually a straightforward process but is often overlooked.  Not all web design or marketing agencies specialize in WordPress security.

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Keep Your WordPress Website Secure and Malware Free

The most common reasons a WordPress website is hacked are also the easiest to avoid.

  • Enforce all users to use strong passwords.
  • Include an SSL certificate (https://) on your website to secure data submitted through forms.
  • Keep your WordPress website theme, plugins, and core up to date.
  • Remove access from third-party teams (designers, developers, etc) after you’re finished working with them.
  • Change your password from time to time.

When you’re busy running your business, it’s hard to remember to keep your WordPress website secure, but neglecting security is not an option either. 

We can help you secure your WordPress website, remove any malware from your web hosting, and keep your site secured moving forward.

We Can Help With Your Hacked WordPress Website

WordPress websites are usually hacked due to the use of weak passwords, password data breach dumps, or from compromised scripts on your web server.  

We remove malware by accessing your web server and database directly.

Our knowledge of WordPress and experience working with server security allows us to quickly find suspicious and malicious files.

These compromised files are removed and if necessary, replaced with new copies from the WordPress repository or wherever they originate from.

If your web browser says Not Secured at the top, next to your website address, that does not mean your website has been hacked or is compromised.

This warning appears when a website does not have a valid SSL certificate or if the connection is not secure (HTTPS://).  

Every website should have an SSL certificate to a secure, encrypted connection between the web server and the website visitor, but don’t be alarmed just because you see Not Secure next to your website address. 

We offer around the clock security services, monitoring your site for unusual activity, unexpected file changes, or known vulnerabilities.

In addition to this, we can keep your website up to date, install or renew SSL certificates, and anything else to help you keep your WordPress website secure.

You can see our website maintenance and security services here.

Hacked WordPress Website? We can help.

We’re experienced at removing malware from WordPress websites and securing them, keeping hackers out of your WordPress website.

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