Facebook Ads and Target Optimization Services

We'll help you market your business and grow your audience through Facebook advertising.

The old expression goes, “if you build it, they will come” – this is unfortunately NOT TRUE when it comes to websites.

If you market it well, they will come and convert into customers!

Facebook Ads and Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook Ads service is all about getting your business in front of the right people.

If your goal is to get more leads, product sales, or simply gain exposure, Facebook Ads are a good fit for you.  When you advertise on Facebook, you’re also able to have your Ads show up on Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has a feature called Facebook Pixel, which lets you collect data about your website visitors, including ways to re-target them with specialized Ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The more you work with Facebook Ads, the more efficient your Ad campaigns will be, allowing you to maximize ROI.

We’ll provide you with regularly reports, detailing the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns.

Our Process for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Assess Website & Performance

We'll make sure your website loads great and works on all devices. What good is paying for traffic if your website has problems?

Optimize Landing Page(s)

We'll assess and optimize your Facebook Ads landing pages, to ensure they are setup to convert!

Create Goals and Milestones

Creating goals and milestones help us understand your business gains while keeping us accountable.

Start Facebook Ad Campaign

Once we're on the same page, we'll create your Facebook Ads campaign(s).

Monitor Facebook Ad Campaign

While your Facebook advertising campaign is running, we'll monitor it daily to catch problems, before they burn your Advertising budget!

Optimize Facebook Ad Campaign

From time to time, we'll target and retarget your Facebook Ads campaign to maximize ROI.

Facebook Ads FAQ

Facebook Ads are advertisements that you can use to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram.

There are multiple types of Facebook Ads available, including standard text and image Ads, Facebook Video Ads, Multi-Image / Carousel Ads, Instagram Story Ads, and several others.

Each type of Facebook Ads has it’s advantages. We’ll advise you on which will best suit your needs.

Yes! We’ll research your industry, target customers, and business goals.

This information will help us craft Ads on Facebook that are enticing towards your ideal customers.

In addition to creating Ad copy for your Facebook advertisements, we also create images or graphics for your campaigns.

You are welcome to include your own images or promotional content for us to create Facebook Ads from too.

Absolutely! Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the Facebook Ads manager makes it very easy to Advertise your business, products, or boost your posts on Instagram.

Facebook Ads and your Facebook page manager have loads of insights available based off of the data gathered over time.

Once or twice a month, we’ll also send you a Facebook Ad campaign report, allowing you to see important metrics like average cost per visit,  cost per sale, ROI, and ROAS.

Let Us Help Your Business Grow Online

If you’re ready to promote your business on Facebook, there’s no better way than with a Facebook Ads campaign! 

Contact us to see how we can help you gain exposure on Facebook.

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