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Does your website need to be ADA or WCAG compliant?

We have experience building ADA/WCAG compliant websites that look great, loads quickly, and is easy to use.

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Accessible Website Design & Testing Services

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Accessible Website Services

Test Your Existing Website

If you already have a website and want to know if it meets accessibility web standards, we can help.  

We’ve tested hundreds of websites for accessibility as well as overall website usability.

If your business is part of education, health, or medical systems, or is a government website, accessibility is a must!

We think every website should be made as accessible as possible.

Some people believe that an accessible website design means your website can’t be flashy or include many features. This is far from the truth.

As long as you plan ahead, you can still create an attractive and accessible website.

An accessible website means more people can reach and navigate your website. It can help with search engine optimization. It’s good for business, and it’s the right thing to do. You have nothing to lose with an accessible website.

Make Your Existing Website Accessible

If we test your website and it’s not meeting the standards for web accessibility, we can provide you with the necessary information to have an accessible website.

Depending on how and when your website was built, we might be able to implement the strategy to make your existing website accessible.

Get an Accessible Website Created

If your existing website has too many problems, or if you don’t have a website already, getting a new, accessible website created is the next logical option.

We have experience creating attractive, quick loading, mobile-friendly, and accessible websites.  

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What are the features of accessible websites?

Keyboard Navigation – A website needs to be usable, without the use of a mouse. Not only that, but the active element should also be marked, so it’s obvious what is currently selected by the browser’s keyboard navigation tool.
HTML Tag Markup – Your website’s HTML tags should include certain details, including ALT tags on images, and proper use of H-tags to display information hierarchy.
Colors and Fonts – The fonts and colors on your website need to be easily read by all readers. Colors, contrast, and typography matter. Links should be marked for those with visual disabilities.
Browser Functionality – Your website should respond to the screen size and respect browser-specific zoom settings.

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Reach More Customers With An Accessible Website

If people can’t use your website, they are unlikely to become your customer. Make your website accessible today!