2,000+ Sales Across 75 Countries: Tips from a Top Rated PRO Seller on Fiverr.

Bocain Designs has been offering web design services on Fiverr.com, a digital marketplace, for over half a decade. These tips for succeeding on Fiverr can help you grow your business or simply create a fun side hustle.

For us, it’s been a great way for us to expand our business and to work with businesses throughout the World. Because of Fiverr, we’ve had the great pleasure to work with more than 1,800 businesses from over 75 countries. Wow!

Why do we use Fiverr?

We joined Fiverr in 2012. The Fiverr platform stood apart from other freelancer marketplace sites, even in it’s infancy. While it’s true that there were many websites offering a some type of marketplace for digital services, none of them seemed to be offering it with the same approach as Fiverr. You, the service provider (us), set the job terms and price. This was different than so many other sites where providers would bid-down the cost of jobs that buyers posted.

By following these four simple tips for Fiverr success, you'll stand out from the crowd and excel.

Fiverr Tip #1: Invest in Your Profile

Your profile is just one of the many stepping stones a customer will take before contacting you.

Take the time to complete your profile. Really complete it. Look around at other Sellers to get an idea of what a successful profile looks like.

After you have a good profile bio and photo (use a real photo of yourself), it’s time to make sure your gigs are up to par.

Update Jan 2019: We’ve written a blog post with 5 tips to improve your Fiverr profile and get more sales.

Fiverr Gig Cards

When someone searches on Fiverr, they are going to come across a results page with several Gig Cards. One for each gig that relates to the search.

When we upgraded our Gig images, we saw a very noticeable uptick in new leads.

Sure, there are many factors at play, but most of our gigs began seeing more action within a short span of deploying the new designs.

Fiverr Gig Titles

Fiverr Gig Title

The title is seen directly below the image, so naturally this should be carefully crafted. Make it enticing. Make it descriptive. Make yours better than theirs!

If you fail to attract their eyes now, then the next suggestion we’re about to give will not be helpful at all!

Fiverr Pricing Tables

Depending on what you offer, there may be a reason to use a pricing table on your gig page. This is great if you have three primary variations of a service you offer.

We use pricing tables as jumping points for base pricing on commonly ordered services. While not required, you should aim to complete them as best you can.

This is also another opportunity to standout from others offering this same service.

Fiverr Gig Page Pricing Tables
Fiverr Gig Page

Fiverr Gig Description

Fiverr automatically adds a Read More functionality to your gig description. Make sure the first part of your message is detailed and persuasive.

Treat this just like a landing page!

  • What problem are you helping the person solve?
  • What makes your Gig better than the rest?
  • What is included in your pricing?

Get the key message above the Read More, or you’re doomed to fail. We don’t have any data on this, but knowing how users browse websites we manage, I can assure you, few people will click the Read More link if the copy above it stinks.

Fiverr Gig Page

Fiverr Gig Description

Make sure the first part of your message is detailed and persuasive.

Treat this just like a landing page!

  • What problem are you helping the person solve?
  • What makes your Gig better than the rest?
  • What is included in your pricing?


Fiverr Gig FAQs

Fiverr has added a way to offer your own accordion-style FAQ. This is also a great place to stash extra information that you really wanted to say in the Gig Description, but ran out of characters to do so. This is how we use our FAQs. We answer important questions that people are already thinking about, before they ask them.

If we can answer more questions than our competitors, it’s setting us up for success. That’s the idea at least…

Fiverr Gig Page

It's Fiverr's job to get traffic to your profile. It's your job to convert them.

We addressed the first stepping stone earlier in this post – your profile. The next few tips address the second stepping stone in a buyer’s journey: You.

Fiverr Tip #2: Be Consistent.

Being consistent is one of the most important parts to being, and staying successful on Fiverr.

Make it a point to log on each day to reply to any new leads, work on your current leads, and to provide updates to clients you have active projects with.

If you’re going to be away for more than a day or two, consider using the Vacation tag to let people know you’re unavailable.

If you’re offering services that bring back past customers often, it’s important to be sure that the quality of your delivered goods are consistent as well. Once a client gets comfortable working with you, they will likely come back for anything related work. If the quality of your work dips, it’s very easy to have these clients seek out someone else. Fiverr is a global marketplace after all.

As an added incentive, Fiverr also rewards consistent, quality work.

Fiverr Seller Board

Fiverr Tip #3: Communicate Efficiently. Get the Details

It should be no surprise that customer service skills matter on a platform like Fiverr. People want to feel good about working with you. Most people are coming to you with some type of “problem” that they are hoping you can solve. It may be a brand identity problem, problems with an existing website, the need for a professional copywriter’s service, you get the idea. Professional services exist to solve problems, plain and simple.

You need to show confidence in your ability to get the job done to the customer’s expectation. Every little detail matters. From the way you craft your response to how well you listen to their specific needs.

Sales conversations on Fiverr should be no different than if you were meeting the person locally. It’s important to “listen” (read) what the person is seeking and respond with enough details to keep the conversation moving quickly. Ask detailed and meaningful questions in your first response to them. Well thought-out questions can show you’re interested in the project, and knowledgeable in the subject-matter.

Remember, it’s OK to say “No” or “I’m unable to help you with this project”

Sometimes we have to turn down project requests because they fall outside our expertise, other times it’s due to our availability. For jobs we simply can’t do, we often times refer them elsewhere. Help that Buyer find themselves a Seller on Fiverr.

By doing this, you’re helping the Buyer out, while promoting the Fiverr platform. Everybody wins: the Buyer finds a service provider, that Seller gets a project, and that Buyer will remember Fiverr for their future digital service needs. With any luck, that Buyer will also remember you and come to you for future projects that you can do.

We’ve gone as far as bookmark and profiles of successful sellers in categories we don’t serve but get asked about regularly.

Custom Offers

Fiverr lets you send custom offers to your customers for those times where a specific Gig doesn’t hit the nail on the head just right. In the web design space, it’s very common to send custom offers. In fact, most of our new WordPress website gigs are handled this way.

This allows us to create a complete project write-up. We can be as specific as needed, helping us dodge awkward situations when the project outline is too brief. If you don’t define it well, there’s a chance the Buyer will assume what is, and is not included. Their expectations may be very different than yours.

Let us share an example of this from our own experience on Fiverr.

We’ve seen that many clients expect all of their website content to be included in the basic pricing. Other clients assume we’ll be buying their domain and hosting their website as part of their “build me a website” project request. We offer all of these services as “Gig Extras” and most clients are happy to purchase them.

Asking good questions and writing up an accurate project offer results in the client getting exactly what they were looking for, we get paid for the work we’re doing, and we’ve completed avoided surprise costs or awkward conversations about needing more money, or explaining why something isn’t present on their website.

Fiverr Tip #4: Don't Undersell. Good Clients Pay for Great Work.

This is a real simple tip to being happy with your success on Fiverr.

Don’t base your prices on other Seller’s prices. Know the value of the work you’re offering and more importantly, know how far “a dollar” goes in your region. Don’t try to price-match other Sellers who live halfway across the World. It’s important to remember that not all Buyers are looking for the lowest bid. Good clients pay for great work.

A Seller’s price is not always a good way to find a project. Communication, project specifics, and end result are all factors that aren’t directly related to a Seller’s price.

If you undersell your work, you’ll find it difficult to raise the price. Past customers will expect lower prices. Referrals from past customers will expect similar prices, and good clients willing to pay livable wages might completely pass your Gig by if the price tag seems suspiciously low.

Let's Wrap It Up

You’d be surprised how many people ask us about succeeding on Fiverr. None of the suggestions in this post were anything I’d call a secret.

Treat your Fiverr profile the same way you’d treat your own website, landing page, or physical storefront. Treat each lead as a potential new customer. Greet them, address their questions or problems, offer them a solution, and thank them for their time.

To recap: Act professional, communicate well, and deliver excellent work.

Dan Bochichio

Dan Bochichio

Dan Bochichio is a founding partner of Bocain Designs and a web designer with over twenty years of experience creating websites. Dan helps businesses improve their online presence by designing and building WordPress websites.

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