Funny Minifigures

Funny Minifigs is an online marketplace website built with WordPress and Woocommerce.  Funny Minfiigs is a website that sells special/niche toys similar to Lego products.

Website Feature Summary:

  • Full Website Design – UI, UX
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Woocommerce Product Catalog
  • Stripe & PayPal Payment Systems
  • Sales Tax & Shipping Systems
  • Customer Accounts / Management
  • Dropshipping and Email Marketing Services
Funny Minifigures

WordPress Dropshipping Ecommerce Website

The Funny Minifigs website sells building block/brick toys and collectible minifigures similar to Lego brand toys. Their website was built in a way that allows them to easily manage their product catalog, update their featured products, rotate in special sales/deals, and collect visitor’s information (emails) for future marketing.

Funny Minifigs Website

The website has a number of customized features like a side-cart, putting the shopping cart always just a click away. This makes checkout a breeze at all times.

Funny Minifigs Website
The website includes a shopping cart abandonment system and re-targeting codes in place to improve the likelihood of getting sales from people who have been on the website before.
Funny Minifigs Website

The product catalog on this Woocommerce website has been synced with Facebook Ads and Google Shopping feeds to open the door to paid traffic to specific products.

This method was selected because it’s one of the most effective ways to get their products in front of the most eyes while keeping costs low.

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