VINE Group

VINE Group

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VINE Group is a mortgage and wealth management group in Canada. The VINE Group website serves as a hub for 40+ agents throughout all of Canada.

Website Feature Summary:

  • Full Website Design – UI, UX
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Custom Lifestyle + Mortgage Calculators
  • Complex forms with third-party API integrations.

The VINE Group website is a place where 40+ agents visit regularly to generate leads for the real estate / mortgage industry. The website was created as a way to offer knowledge and tools to inquiring customers as well as training resources for their internal team.

VINE Group had a very specific goal in mind with their mortgage calculator: to be the most accurate calculator on the market. This isn’t your everyday mortgage calculator. This custom created mortgage calculator takes into consideration far more than basic income/expenses when determining eligibility. With dozens of input fields and behind-the-scene calculations, this system is like no others on the market.