How to Install WordPress

Are you trying to learn how to install WordPress?

How to Install WordPress Using Your Web Hosting’s 1-Click Installer

How to install WordPress in cPanel

Many web hosts that offer a cPanel will also offer a 1-click installer for WordPress, and other popular content management tools.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to install WordPress. You can have WordPress installed within minutes using just your web browser.

How to Install WordPress Manually by Downloading WordPress from

You can download WordPress website files from The newest version of WordPress is always available here.

Once you’ve downloaded the WordPress zip file, you can unpack it (using WinZip, 7Zip, or any other archive extractor).

After unpacking WordPress, you’ll want to connect to your website server using an FTP client.

We recommend FileZilla for Windows users and Cyberduck for Mac users. Drag and drop all of your WordPress files to the server.

This may take a few minutes to upload, but that’s OK! You can start on the next step while these files transfer.

Creating a MySQL Database for WordPress in cPanel

WordPress requires a database to function. Many hosts have a database creation tool, that just takes a minute to use.

When going through the database wizard, be sure to save the following info in a safe place.

  • Your database name
  • Your database username
  • Your database password
  • Your database host (for many servers, localhost is the hostname)

When you log into cPanel, look for MySQL Database Wizard.

Creating a database in cPanel

Enter a name for your SQL database on step 1.

Creating a database in cPanel

Next, create a user for your database and generate a secure password.

Creating a database user in cPanel

Finally, give your new database user full access (all privileges) to the database you just created.

Granting database user permissions in cPanel

You should receive a confirmation message that the database and user were created successfully.

You’re almost done installing WordPress, isn’t this easy?

Created database in cPanel

When your file upload finishes, visit your website URL and it’ll show you the WordPress install wizard. Follow through the steps, and when it asks for your database credentials, use what you created earlier.

Once the WordPress install wizard is finished, you can log into WordPress and begin using it.

WordPress install screen

Go through the WordPress installer using the database information you just created.  When you finish the WordPress installer, you’ll be able to log into your new WordPress website!

There you have it, you learned how to install WordPress!

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