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Chase the Footprint

Chase the Footprint is a free link building outreach tool.

We all know link building is hard, this free tool makes link building a little easier.

Since 2012, Chase the Footprint has been helping marketers find excellent link opportunities for link building campaigns. This tool makes it easy to find websites with very specific content and features. This link building outreach tool helps you find websites that accept content contributions, sponsorships, comments, and much more. We've recently brought Chase the Footprint over to to give it more love and attention in the future.

Start by adding in your keyword and by selecting the type of footprint.

Save Your Links with a Bookmark

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Text List


HTML with Anchors

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  1. Click and drag the box above to your Browser's bookmark bar.
  2. Complete a search using Chase the Footprint above.
  3. When you reach Google's search page, click your bookmarklet.
  4. Copy/paste the contents to your favorite spreadsheet program.