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CallRail vs Call Tracking Metrics: Which Is Better in 2020?

CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics are both powerful call tracking tools with robust features that help businesses make sense of their calls. If your business generates most of its sales through calls, these metrics can help you increase conversion rates and ROI.

What is Call Tracking?

How can your business use call tracking analytics?

Call Tracking Conversations

Call tracking provides valuable insight into how callers found your business. Marketing teams can use this information to determine where leads came from:

Your website
Third-party directories
Advertising campaigns

When your business uses call tracking, it’s possible to follow a leads route to how they found your business. If you use tracking properly, it can be a valuable tool for your business.

Why is Call Tracking Valuable to Your Business?

Call tracking can be extremely valuable for your team, primarily for your marketing strategy. For example, if your business has been advertising on Facebook and that is where leads are finding your number, your marketing team can increase ad spending on the platform.

But if you’re also spending money on Bing or Google and no one is calling, you can track this lack of calls and decide whether you’ll:

Reduce ad spending on the platforms
Change advertisements to try and increase calls

When you know where phone leads come from, you can choose to increase expenditures on the platforms that drive the most traffic and reduce spending on platforms that are not profitable.

There are a lot of cases where call tracking has proven to be a profitable marketing tool.

In addition to this, call tracking is important in 2020 due to the rise of mobile web design and smartphones. People are on phones more often, meaning they have more opportunities to call you. 

Examples of Call Tracking Success

What does success look like for call tracking campaigns?

Calls are often the most valuable leads. The person on the other end of the line has done their research, looked at your offering and is deciding to call you to make a purchase or learn more about what you offer.

Sales teams can read off highly optimized scripts to convert the caller into a sale.

There are a lot of success stories where call tracking has been able to help businesses increase sales.

Call Rail

Better understanding of customers and improved ROI

Call Rail

Think Profits Used CallRail

Think Profits, a digital marketing agency, used CallRail to better understand their audience. Call tracking helped the agency better understand:

Caller behavior, where callers live and what time of day the caller calls
Patterns that lead clients to convert (or not)
What makes people pick up the phone and make a call
How employees interact with callers

Call tracking allowed the company to increase conversions and ROI using the CallRail’s system. The company noted that they were able to learn the best times to reach out to customers and used call recording extensively.

Call recording allowed the company to uncover what:

Frustrates callers
Converts callers

Improving conversions was possible by tailoring the way that sales agents talk. Dynamic Number Insertion, a tool to track callers, further helped marketing teams understand what ad campaigns and landing pages worked and which did not.

Through tracking, it was possible to eliminate the marketing campaigns that didn’t convert while putting more time and resources into campaigns that do work.

Keyword Call Tracking further added to the company’s marketing efforts by allowing the team to learn which keywords a person searched before making a call. Marketing campaigns and copy were created around these keywords to better target potential leads.

CallRail’s in-depth features allowed Think Profits to increase ROI and better understand their potential clients on a deeper level than what’s possible without call tracking.

Call Tracking Metrics

10% CRO with Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics

Captain Dave’s Dolphin Safari Increases Conversion Rates by 10% Using Call Tracking Metrics

Captain Dave’s recounts their story of how they were able to increase conversion rates from 25% to 35% using call tracking and the tools that Call Tracking Metrics provides. The company is working towards the goal of a 50% conversion rate.

The company relies on calls for around 50% of their reservations.

After hiring an agency to help with paid advertising efforts, the company learned about call tracking and the tools offered through Call Tracking Metrics.

The company:

Tracked calls and found that adding the name of their company to Google campaigns helped boost conversions because competitors were buying their name as a keyword to steal customers away.
Tracked agent performance and see which agents were able to lead to the most bookings.
Recorded calls to determine the training sales agents needed to improve sales.

Ultimately, the company was able to gather 1-star and 5-star calls that they now use for training new agents on what type of calls convert and which do not.

Through call tracking and the advanced tools available through Call Tracking Metrics, the company was able to increase conversions from 25% to 35% without increasing ad expenditures.

How Do You Get Started with Call Tracking?

CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics are the two most well-known and respected companies in call tracking. A few alternatives have popped up in recent years that offer a lot of great features, but the longevity, quality and features of these two call tracking options are too good to overlook.

Implementing call tracking is easy with either service.


CallRail has a 14-day free trial, which allows you to test out their service and see if it’s the right choice for you. A single line of code is all that’s needed to add tracking to your website. Once added, you’ll be able to use all of the data from CallRail in your:

Google Analytics

Straightforward and accessible, CallRail doesn’t require a contract and provides a plethora of features:

Call tracking and analytics: Call tracking is the company’s main product and offers the ability to measure conversations from a variety of sources, including: search, offline and online campaigns, websites and marketing campaigns. You can also track PPC keywords.
Dynamic number insertion: Tracking phone numbers can be customized to automatically understand a visitor’s journey before and after a call is made.
Multi-Touch CPL reporting: Combine your inbound calls, form leads and texts into your ad spending via Google, Facebook or Microsoft Ads.
Instant number setup: It takes less than a minute to configure a new call tracking number. With custom numbers, you can create call routing for your business that can be used to understanding calls, based on the number provided, to tailor your sales teams’ message to the right product or service offered.
Record phone calls: Call recording is one of the most powerful tools that allows you to record calls and improve customer service. You’ll be able to record, annotate and review calls to better understand how agents can close more sales.

Understanding your customer’s interactions can improve conversion rates for calls and provide a better understanding of where leads are finding your company.

Extend functionality even further with the use of:

Conversation intelligence creates transcriptions that allow you to better understand what happens during a call.
Form tracking allows for a single line of code to help trace all of your form submissions with your marketing efforts.

Through in-depth intelligence, it’s possible to correlate marketing channels and transcripts to determine what works and doesn’t work for each marketing channel.

Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics offers unlimited users, a demo of the service and a 14-day free trial which is very hard to find on their site. Over 100,000 users trust the platform for their call tracking needs.

Multiple tier options are available with great features, such as:

Call tracking: Multi-channel call attribution and call tracking provide you with more options to track your calls. Track calls from all of your marketing, including print, TV ads, SEO and direct mail.
Dynamic number insertion: One line of code is needed to add dynamic number insertion to your site. The code allows for tracking numbers to dynamically swap out your phone number to track the source of users.
Web-based tracking: Track leads that communicate with you on click-to-call forms, text and live chat.
Intelligent automation: AI increases revenue and productivity by reducing the time to conversation. Customize your entire communication flow and improve caller experience with intelligent call routing, IVR and AI.
Analytics and reporting: Every call provides valuable insights that can be invaluable to your business. Use advanced analytics for customer sentiment, action automation, call scoring and tagging. These features help sales agents improve and new team members succeed faster.

Call Tracking Metrics doesn’t stop with the features they offer. They also offer keyword spotting, call recording and transcription and notifications. Monitor and log all of your conversations in real-time to allow teams to make data-driven decisions.

The platform also allows you to purchase:

Toll-free numbers
Vanity numbers
Short codes

FormReactor further empowers your team and marketing with a single embed code. The code can add routing and will send the call to your queue. Agents will be connected to the lead while knowing the exact ad that is associated with the caller.

Call Tracking Benefits

Better insights on local SEO rankings

Mobile Data Collection

As you’ve already read, call tracking is a powerful tool for your business.  Properly implemented call tracking on your Google Maps can help you understand how well your ranking on local search queries – a general indicator of how well your local SEO signals are.

Both CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics offer robust features and the ability to track all of your calls and more. CallRail does edge out the competition due to their high reliability and anti-spam technology that blocks spam calls automatically and for free.

Since both call tracking companies offer robust features and a free trial, give each a try and decide which one works best for your business.

If you need any help selecting and implementing a call tracking system for your website or marketing campaigns, we’d be glad to help.  Contact us for more information.