CRUSH It in 2019 with these 10 WordPress Tools for Small Business Websites

If you’re a business owner with a WordPress website, this post is for you. We understand that business owners are busy people. You can’t afford take the time to test out half a dozen plugins to solve a problem.

We’ve been building WordPress websites for businesses for over a decade. Over the years, we’ve learned  are the best ones to include on your business website.

Here’s our top 10 WordPress plugins and tools we’re using in 2019.

Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

Best Page Builder for WordPress

Elementor Page Builder

Why We Like It:  It took a little bit for Elementor to grow on us. It’s not without it’s flaws, but the end products its capable of creating is why it made the list. Easier to use than Visual Composer and Divi. It’s also able to create Accessible content.

Elementor’s developers stay active. They are constantly adding new features and keeping up with web design trends. 

Woocommerce WordPress e-Commerce

Best WordPress e-Commerce Plugin


Why We Like It:  Nothing else compares to Woocommerce. There are hundreds of plugins available to extend Woocommerce’s functionality, but the core plugin on it’s own offers everything you need to get a product catalog online, collect sales tax, and accept payments.

Woocommerce can help your business create experiences similar to Dollar Shave Club, Hello Fresh, or even Loot Crate.

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

Best WordPress Security Plugin


Why We Like It: Wordfence provides outstanding security and firewall services for your WordPress website. It includes features you’d expect a good security plugin for WordPress to have.

It can run automated file scans, keeping you informed about suspicious activity on your WordPress website. It will alert you of security threats, before your site is compromised.

If your website is compromised, the Wordfence team is just a clicks away to get professional help.


Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

Akismet Plugin

Why We Like It: Akismet ships with WordPress, and is a powerful anti-spam tool if you take the 30 seconds required to get a free API key.  It really is that simple!  It’s an effective plugin for reducing comment spam on your blog.  It also integrates well with other plugins, like Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms Plugin

Best Form Plugin for WordPress

Gravity Forms Plugin

Why We Like It:  Gravity Forms is our go to plugin for forms.  It comes with integrations of popular newsletter providers like MailChimp and GetResponse. If you have Akismet active, you can take advantage of a honeypot feature which blocks almost all form spam, without having an ugly CAPTCHA form.

We commonly Gravity Forms to create multiple page forms, custom registration forms, guest blogging content submission forms, surveys, quizzes, and order forms with payment processing. If you need a form to do a job, Gravity Forms can likely do it.

We prefer Gravity Forms over Contact Form 7, simply due to the fact that all submission entries and stored in the database and are easily accessible from the WordPress admin area, without the need to install an additional plugin.

Gravity Forms is a premium plugin, and if it’s out of your budget, WPForms is a suitable replacement for basic contact forms.

SiteGround Web Hosting for WordPress

Best WordPress Hosting Company

SiteGround Hosting

Why We Like It: SiteGround is one of the best web hosts for WordPress websites owned by small businesses. It’s easy to use and their staff are knowledgeable with WordPress. 

SiteGround’s web hosting comes with security and performance tailored to WordPress websites. SiteGround provides a free SSL certificates (via Let’s Encrypt) and easy CloudFlare integration. They also offer one-click staging environments.

WP Rocket Speed Optimization

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Rocket

Why We Like It: We could go on forever about WP rocket. We’ve tried many caching plugins and nothing has measured up, especially in 2019.

I optimize around 200 WordPress websites a years and I have found WP Rocket to be more reliable across larger range of themes and WordPress configurations. 

It offers script and database optimization, lazyloading iframes and images, heartbeat control, CDN support, and several other features.

WordPress optimization is no easy task. It’s more involved than installing a plugin and clicking a bunch of checkboxes. Over-optimization will break your website, or make the website even slower. Under-optimization will leave you with a website that isn’t as fast as it could be. Learn how to make your WordPress website faster here.

Cloudflare CDN for WordPress

Best CDN for WordPress

CloudFlare CDN

Why We Like It: Cloudflare lets you store copies of your website on a global network of servers. By taking the load off your web hosting, CloudFlare can make your website load faster. CloudFlare is free to use, and has premium upgrades for those seeking more power.

If you’re looking for a more performance after optimizing your WordPress website, we recommend CloudFlare.

WordPress SEO from Yoast

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO

Why We Like It: Yoast SEO has been “the standard” for all things SEO. This is not our opinion, but a general consensus of WordPress developers and SEOs. The free plugin packs a punch with features. So much so, I’m not sure most business owners need to worry about the premium plugin. That’s how good the free plugin is.

It can help you write optimized content for your website. It has an easy way to bulk update your SEO title tags and meta descriptions. It comes with Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter card support. It makes connecting with Google Search Console a breeze, as well as creating an XML sitemap.

An alternative for Yoast, and our second choice for us is The SEO Framework. We’re slowly falling in love with, and it may become our go-to plugin for SEO one day.  

UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin for WordPress

Best WordPress Backup Plugin


Why We Like It:  Updrafts lets you automatically backup your website. You can customize the backup to the entire website, or just certain parts. You can tell it to automatically backup on a daily, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly schedule.  It has the ability up automatically upload the backup to cloud storage, ensuring you always have a copy of your website, just in case your hosting gets compromised.



Use these WordPress tools to jump ahead of your competition in 2019!

The WordPress tools listed here are all you need to create a professional WordPress website in 2019. 

If you have any questions about any of the WordPress tools listed in this post, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer them.

What WordPress theme do we recommend in 2019?

I’m sure at least one of you are asking why we didn’t include a theme in our top 10 WordPress tools post. There’s a good reason for that. There’s no one size fits all option for themes. There are many great WordPress themes, but the theme has to match your business goals and brand styles.

Dan Bochichio

Dan Bochichio

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