About Bocain Designs

We design products custom to our client's unique needs and business goals.

Our goal to help small business owners create and maintain a strong online presence, grow their businesses, and increase revenue.

Company Background

Bocain Designs has been creating websites for small businesses in the Capital District since 2010. We have worked with hundreds of businesses in, and around, Albany, NY.

In addition to working locally, we operate a top seller, PRO seller account on the digital marketplace called Fiverr where we have helped over 2,000 different businesses enhance their online presence.

Our expertise is in frontend website design, site usability, and conversion rate optimization.

Upstate New York

About the Bocains

becca in the Utah

Rebecca Cain, Web Designer

Rebecca Cain

Web Designer & Photographer

One week after getting her first home computer in 2000 Rebecca had built her first website. Today Rebecca helps small businesses grow their online presence by creating CMS based websites and crafting thoughtful content for clients to use.

Dan Bochichio, Web Designer

Dan Bochichio

Web Designer & Web Business Strategist

Dan began building websites as a hobby in the late 1990s. Dan's professional web design career began in 2004 while attending Purchase College in New York where he furthered his knowledge in web design and digital production. Today, Dan helps businesses all around the World improve their online presence by designing and developing efficient websites and by empowering his clients with the tools necessary to reach their goals.

In his free time, Dan can be found playing old video games, gardening, hiking, or simply hanging in a hammock.

Dan Bochichio in Zion National Park


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