We Aren't Your Typical Web Company

With over 30 years combined experience and a strong focus for the user experience, our websites are built to convert!

About the Bocains

Bocain Designs has been working in the web design industry for over a decade. We've been providing web solutions for small businesses in and around Albany, NY. We do offer our services for non-local businesses as well. Our primary focus is on the user experience - we believe that in order to have a successful website, you need to engage the user in a fitting way.

It is our goal to help small business owners develop and maintain a strong online presence to expand their online reach, grow their business, and of course, increase revenue.

Dan Bochichio

Dan Bochichio

Web Designer & Internet Strategist

Dan started building websites in the late 1990s. Today, Dan's focus is on helping small business owners succeed on the web. When he's not starring into the abyss known as the Internet, Dan can be found blacksmithing, bicycling, gardening, or simply hanging around in a hammock.

Rebecca Cain

Rebecca Cain

Web & Graphic Designer

One week after getting her first home computer in 2000 Rebecca had built her first website. Today Rebecca helps small businesses grow their online presence by creating CMS based websites and crafting thoughtful content for clients to use.

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