5 YouTube Channels for Web Designers We’re Watching in 2019

5 YouTube Channels for Web Designers

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly looking for new influencers to follow. Both young upcoming, and veteran designers can offer a wave of inspiration. In case your feeds weren’t full enough already, we’ve decided to share 5 Youtube channels from great designers. These channels are not new. In fact, you’ve hopefully heard of a few of them.

The content from these channels have become part of routine. They’re great to toss on while taking a coffee or lunch break. They an also make commutes better. Plenty of content can be consumed in audio-format and still have powerful takeaways.

These channels provide everything from learning UX/design techniques, finding new industry tools, business advice, and projects in their lives.

FLUX - Designer on YouTube

#1 Flux

Work Hard & Be Nice to People

This channel has grown on us over the last few months. We came across it during the Fall of 2018 and have been frequent watchers since.

The producer, Ran Segall, is a very successful freelance designer and entreprenuer. His channel provides daily content, ranging from freelancer advice to interviews with professionals.

the Futur

#2 The Futur

Welcome to the Futur!

The Futur provides design and design business advice. The channel is hosted by a group of talented design professionals. They encourage their viewers (other designers) to continue growing and to branch out.

The advice they provide is solid, the video quality is top notch, and they offer value to both newbie and veteran designers.

Sarah Doody - Professional UX and Presenter

#3 Sarah Doody

I love energizing audiences with ideas, inspiration, and action to help them think like a designer.

Sarah Doody is a UX/UI designer, speaker, and career coach.

Her YouTube channel can help young designers get design jobs. For those who are already in a design position, you’ll find ways to further your skills and the value of your work.

Sarah often shares great insight and tips for creating better user experiences.

Maex UI and UX

#4 Maex

Made by a designer, for designers

This channel will teach you a lot about a web design tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision.

We don’t work with the web design tools above, but we still enjoy this channel. By watching someone else doing web design, we can learn a bit and draw inspiration in our future projects.

Terry White from Adobe

#5 Terry White

Adobe Tutorials

Terry White offers beginner and advance tutorials for Adobe’s most popular products. If you’re looking to learn more about Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.

What channels are you watching?

We’re always looking for new YouTube channels to subscribe to. Share your favorite web designer YouTube channels in the comments below!

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