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These 5 Tips Have Earned Us Over $100,000 and 1,800+ 5 Star Reviews on Fiverr

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Today’s blog post has tips on improving your Fiverr description, profile description, Gigs, and more.

These are quick, simple ways to make your Fiverr profile stand out from the crowd. Following this advice should help you make more money on Fiverr’s marketplace.

All you need to get started is a Fiverr account and an idea (or multiple ideas) for a Gig.

Make Money on Fiverr by having an AWESOME Fiverr Profile Description and Gigs

Fiverr Profile Tip #1:
Use Your Real Photo on Your Profile

Crafting the PERFECT Fiverr Description

People are afraid to expose who they are. We’re careful about who we share this information about. When you’re selling online, especially on a global marketplace, exposing who you are is a necessity to land sales with good great clients.

Business owners come to Fiverr to seek professional services. If your profile isn’t professional in nature, you can expect to be passed by. It is critical that your profile showcases who you are. People want to connect with people, not a mysterious Internet entity.

If you have a professional headshot, include it here. If you do not have a professional headshot, that’s not a problem!

You can get by with a smartphone picture, as long as you take a few things into consideration.

All you need is your smartphone, a non-distracting, neutral toned background, good lighting (natural lighting can do wonders), and a friend. No self-sticks please! This should take you about 5 minutes total. We saw a huge increase in gig inquiries and requests when we went from showing a logo to a headshot.

Takeaway: Get over yourself and get yourself out there.

Fiverr Profile Tip #2: Write a Well Thought-out Profile Description

Your Fiverr profile description is very important!

Fiverr Profile Description - Boomland Jenkins

New sellers on Fiverr approach us often, asking if we have any extra work to send to them (Extra Tip: do NOT do this. This is how you get suspended, or banned from Fiverr)

One thing is common among most new sellers, their profile doesn’t provide value to an on-looker (a potential client). We see people including information here that isn’t related to their Gigs.

The Fiverr description is one of the first things people will see on your profile page, so it’s important to use this space effectively.

Your characters are limited, so just touch upon the essentials. Some would call this the “10000 foot view.”

Introduce who you are, what your profession is, what your experience is (working in your profession), and why you’re an ideal candidate for the job.

Fiverr Profile Tip #3: Your Fiverr Gig Description Should Show Immediate Value to the Viewer

Who are you and what do you offer?

Fiverr Gig Description Example - Boomland Jenkins

Your Gig’s description should function similar to any other sales page. You’re pitching a service and you only have a short window of time, and a limited number of characters to do it in. Below are content items to include in your Gig’s descriptions.

  • Define the Problem. What solution does your service offer the customer?
  • Answer Questions, Before They Ask! Provide details on exactly what IS included in your pricing.
  • Build Credibility. Explain what makes you qualified, or the best person to complete the job.
  • Action! Encourage them to contact you with any questions.

Format the page nicely. Use the formatted list, bold, and highlight features to emphasis important content from the Fiverr Gig description.

Add several Q&As to the FAQ section of your Fiverr Gig page.

The less questions a person has, the more likely they will order your Fiverr Gig on the spot. Don’t leave them wondering.

Fiverr Profile Tip #4: Optimize Your Fiverr Gig Description to Match Suggested Searches

People are searching… for YOU!

Fiverr Search Example

It’s pretty simple, Fiverr’s search engine at a core is no different than other search tools. Every listing has words. Fiverr tries to pair a user’s search with Gigs that best match the words. There are ranking factors you cannot control, but the words on your Gig pages are one of the factors you can control.

When you’re writing your Gig descriptions, repeat (without spamming) phrases that are related to your Gig’s service.

“WordPress website” shows up frequently in our Fiverr Gigs because that’s our primary niche on the Fiverr marketplace.

Fiverr Profile Tip #5: A Fiverr Profile of Cheap $5 Gigs Looks Exactly That – Cheap.

Don’t under value your services.

Obviously charging more means you earn more per Gig. But that’s not the only reason to charge more. People purchasing professional services expect the price to match the quality of work.

We have found that raising our prices have created more leads,  sales, and you guessed it, revenue.

There was a time when we were charging an embarrassingly low price for certain jobs, knowing they were a good way to build up a client base. And this tactic works fine, until you realize you have hundreds of clients who don’t value the work you do.

One of our website audit services we offered was $5-$20 depending on the package. We priced it at this rate because of what other website audit providers were charging.

After a few hundred low cost audits, we experimented with pricing. We increased our lowest audit price to $50, and raised the premium audits to a $400 starting price. Guess what happened.

Our sales for this Gig more than doubled in the following months!

By increasing the rate, we’re able to provide a higher quality product, while still being well compensated for our time and expertise. We also found that the type of customers you attract with higher prices tend to be professionals and not hobbyists.